We also lovingly create and deliver fantastic buffet platters for your occasion

How We Care...

After years of learning his trade throughout the South West, Grandpa Mortimer took on his own premises in Stoke-under-Ham in idyllic Somerset in 1948, building the company on true family values and a great product lovingly made every time.

Mortimers still hold those same values today. So, looking for a bite for lunch or crusty bread for tea, then pop into Mortimers today!

  • Where possible, we use local suppliers and tradesmen and try to support the local communities we're in as much as possible.
  • If authentic products such as Baguettes need French flour to be used, then we make the effort to source them to bring you the best we can.
  • We only buy and use the best ingredients from reputable suppliers.
  • We do not use GM ingredients in any of our products.
  • Our finished products do not suffer from huge "food miles".
  • We recycle as much as possible and try to minimise waste.
  • We use less salt in our products, whilst maintaining their unique flavour.
  • Our fats where possible are non-hydrogenated.
  • None of our products travel more than 25 miles.